Sugar & Spice…

Laundry Day!  Pictured with Jian’s Beagle Pup and Chipmunk Collection.

Sugar And Spice and Everything Nice!  That’s what you get in this adorable short set from Feline Fine Fashions.

Sugar and Spice by Feline Fine Fashions.  Colors shown are from both the Neons and Pastels Packs.

Sugar and Spice comes in two wonderful color sets:  Neons and Pastels.  It is an applier outfit, so no need to worry about if or how it will fit.  Each set comes with a separate Omega Applier for each color, featuring 8 colors per pack.  With separate appliers for each top and bottom, you can mix and match your colors easily.

Laundry Day!  Washtub by Funky Junk.  Laundry Line by Chez Moi

 So, if you’re looking for something a little fun, and a little flirty, look no further than this adorable set, available at the  Feline Fine Fashions Main Store

A super huge thank you to Feline Fine Fashions for sponsoring this post!

Body:  Maitreya
Hair:  Hatsune by Argrace
Shorts & Top:  Sugar & Spice by Feline Fine Fashions
Necklace:  Way to My Heart by Earth Stones
Adorable Fuzzy Friends:  Beagle Pup and Chipmunks by Jian
Wash Bucket by Funky Junk
Clothes Line by Chez Moi

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