A Little Bit Country

Fresh air, summer sun, long lazy days that spill into endless country nights…

The Gentlemen Jim Black Pearl Cowboy Hat by Stone’s Works
Every Cowgirl needs a cover for those long days spent out in the sun.  Fortunately for us, Stone’s Works has just what we need!  The Gentlemen Jim Black Pearl Cowboy Hat is the perfect hat for the country girl (or boy) in everyone!
Photos taken at Haven.  Shown with the Bad Unicorn Backwoods Lounger
The Gentlemen Jim Black Pearl Cowboy Hat is available on sale this weekend for $150L through Steals and Deals at the Stone’s Works main store.  It is fully resizable through a menu in the hat, and non-rigged, so you can pull it down, push it back, or tilt it to the side.  Whatever your pleasure when wearing a cover, this hat has it for you!  It’s also copy, so before you resize it or move it around, you may want to make a copy of the original.
Jewelry by Maxi Gossamer.  Glasses by Milo’s Bazaar.
Our other featured item today is Milo’s Unisex Sunglasses.  Milo’s Bazaar is a new store on the marketplace, and his Unisex Sunglasses are just amazing.  for just $199L, you get a great pair of mesh sunglasses that comes with a built-in resizer.  There is also a menu to adjust the placement of the glasses on your face, so you don’t have to struggle with editing them and moving them around.  Just zoom in, click the glasses, and follow the prompts on the menu.
“Ethan” Boyfriend Shirt by Giz Seorn
Milo’s Unisex Sunglasses allows for many customizations through the simple hud included in the glasses.  You have the ability to change the color of the frames, as well as the color of the lenses.  It also allows you to use a gradient color or solid color on the glasses. 
Photo Backdrop:  Astralia Summer Love Campfire Set
A super huge thank you to my sponsors for this post, Stone’s Works and Milo’s Bazaar.  If you are interested in either product, please follow the links listed in the credits below!

Body:  Maitreya
Hair:  Sasha by Rowne Salon
Hat:  Gentlemen Jim Black Pearl Cowboy Hat by Stone’s Works
Glasses:  Unisex Sunglasses by Milo’s Bazaar
Jewelry:  Savannah Heart Key Collection by Maxi Gossamer
Shirt:  “Ethan” Boyfriend Shirt by Giz Seorn
Boots: Dallas Cowgirl Boots by KC
Truck: Bad Unicorn Backwoods Lounger
Tent:  Astralia Summer Love Campsite Set

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