Shadow Boxing In The Sand

So here’s my secret shame:  my laptop SUCKS! and sometimes I can’t get to the really nice beach places because… mesh… waaaahhhh!  Luckily for me, (and for you!)  Stone’s Works has recently released two lovely beach themed shadow boxes.

Life’s a Beach Group Scene
Life’s a Beach Single Scene

Set in skyboxes, these two boxes are the perfect way to get your beach themed photos without having to deal with full sims or lag!

Poses in the Single Scene Box

Each box comes with several animations and poses.  If you need a little adjustment on  your poses, type /1a in local for the menu.  (This is important.  I didn’t pay attention and couldn’t figure out why my butt was poking through the hammock.  Photo of the butt poke NOT included!)

Hat and Necklace by Stone’s Works
The design of the boxes work well with any windlight you decide to use, and as you can see, the photo results are just fantastic!

Earrings by Maxi Gossamer, Anklet by Stone’s Works

On sale in the Stone’s Works Mainstore for the Creative Spark event, the boxes are available for the low price of $125L for the Single Scene Box, and $195L for the Group Scene Box, from 7/15/18 – 7/31/18.

Group Scene Poses

 There were a few small snafu’s I noticed in the design of the boxes.  But these were easily overcome with camera angles that were better for my photos in the end 🙂  The boxes are cute, the details amazing and the poses are very natural.  These are definitely two items that are worth the investment of your time and your lindens.

Group Scene Poses

Group Scene Poses

 So grab your beach gear, get your friends, and settle in for a fun-filled time taking photos with these amazing shadow boxes.  A huge shout out Stone’s Works for sponsoring this post!

Shadow Boxes:
Life’s a Beach Single Scene by Stone’s Works
Life’s a Beach Group Scene by Stone’s Works
Body by Maitreya
Hat:  Summer Floppy Hat w/ Red Strelitzia by Stone’s Works
Hair: Sasha by Rowne Salon
Earrings:  Nerissa Cowrie Shell by Maxi Gossamer
Necklace: Women’s Cowery Beaded Choker by Stone’s Works
Bikini:  Kaithleen’s Bikini – Navy
Anklet:  Cowry Bead Anklet w/ Shark Tooth Unisex by Stone’s Works

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