Ain’t No Way

“Ain’t no way for me to love you, if you won’t let me…”
Ain’t No Way, Aretha Franklin
The White Pearldrop & Lace Choker and Pearldrop White Onyx Sun Earrings by Stone’s Works

Nothing says love, pure and unrequited, like white pearls and lace.  And this week, Stone’s Works has a gorgeous pearl drop choker and earrings on sale at the Bittersweet Event.

Furniture by Circa & Follow Us
The White Pearldrop & Lace Choker by Stone’s Works is a stunning piece.  Stylish and elegant, it’s a highly detailed mesh choker that is embellished with satin rosettes, white onyx suns, and delicate chain work.  It is also dripping with pearls.  It fits easily to your throat, needing only the slightest adjusting in size, (which can be done by clicking the choker) and position, depending on the width and length of your neck, as well as your preference for where you like to wear your choker.
Hair by Emo-tions
The Pearldrop White Onyx Sun earrings are equally stunning.  The intricate detail of the sun stands out in any photo, and tie into the design of the choker.  These earrings needed no adjustment, though they can be resized by clicking them.
Lingerie by Blacklace
Both items are on sale for $199L at the Bittersweet Event.  Bittersweet is a “Pastel-gothic Inspired Candy Land”, but it’s only open until August 26th!  So hurry over with your goody bags to grab these two amazing items!
Artwork by Paris-Bx
Special thanks to my friends at Stone’s Works for trusting me with their product and sponsoring this post! You can visit them on Facebook or follow their posts on Flickr.
Body:  Maitreya
Hair:  Claudia by Emo-tions
Earrings:  Pearldrop White Onyx Sun Earrings by Stone’s Works
Necklace:  White Pearldrop & Lace Choker
Lingerie:  Anais by Blacklace
Shoes:  Bardot Heels by Emporium
Nails:  Angel Bento Rings & Nails by SDesign’s
Furniture Set: Myst Sitting Room Set in Ocean by Circa
Table: Home Console v2 by Follow Us
Love Tower by Follow Us

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