“Grandeur:  Splendor and impressiveness, especially of appearance or style. “

Splendor.  Magnificent.  Majesty.  All words that are synonymous with grandeur.  All words that can be used when discussing this amazing hat from Stone’s Works!  The Lady Ascot Hat is truly an impressive piece of work.

Dress by Junbug.  Hair by Entwined

The hat by itself, with its striking wide brim and red bow, is enough to turn heads.  But the designers at Stone’s Works turned the drama up by adding a spray of black and white feathers, and beautiful red roses!  This hat is perfect for historical roleplay.  It can also be used for high fashion photo shoots, or a day at the track.  The only limit to the use for it is your imagination!

Backdrop by Whole Wheat

The Lady Ascot Hat is currently on sale at Lovefest, along with this lovely Black Neck Corset with Cameo, also by Stone’s Works!  Featuring delicate but highly detailed lace, and intricate mesh work on the necklace, the Neck Corset can be paired with the hat, or worn separately.  The possibilities are endless!

Hair by Elua

The Neck Corset with Cameo comes in several other colors which are only available at the Stone’s Works Main Store.  So even if you miss it at Lovefest, you can still grab it in world!

Lovefest has been extended through September 2nd!  LoveFest is the Annual HP Lovecraft Festival of Second Life, which is schedule to run 7-10 days around the birthday of our favorite author!  So if you haven’t had a chance to shop this amazing event, get over there now!

As always, a SUPER shout out to Stone’s Works for sponsoring this blog post!  You can follow them on Flickr, or Facebook, or just hop on over to the Main Store and see some of their wonderful items for yourself!

Body:  Maitreya
Hair:Lila by Entwined, and Abigail by Elua
Coat Dress: Lady Anita Desire by Junbug
Earrings: Pearldrop White Onyx Sun Earrings by Stone’s Works
Hat:  Lady Ascot Hat – Black with Red Roses by Stone’s Works
Neck Corset with Cameo in Black, Red, White and Blue by Stone’s Works
Backdrop:  Marble Fireplace Photo Set by Whole Wheat

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