Sweet Dreams Are Made of This…

“Sweet Dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree?”
Sweet Dreams, Eurythmics

No matter what you may be dreaming for your artistic photos in Second Life, the Magical Cloud by Milo’s Bazar is the perfect prop for you!  I had so much fun playing with this cloud, I couldn’t decide which photos to use for this post, so you’re getting a little bit of everything!
The Magical Cloud by Milo’s Bazar is great for any of your seasonal or fantasy photo needs. You can wear it as an attachment, and lower or raise the height of it over your head, or you can set it on the ground as a prop in the background.

Body Suit by Style Trend

The cloud is also resizable, whether you are wearing it, or using it as a background prop. Simply click it, and make it larger or smaller.  It is also copyable, so you can make as many fluffy clouds as you like.

Hir by Wasabi Pills

The most amazing feature this little cloud has to offer is its particles!  Whether you are looking for raindrops, snowflakes or a rainbow, you can get it all in this delightful little cloud!  The particles come in three sizes.  You can also adjust the number of particles being released by the cloud.  Just give it a click, tell it what you want it to do, and watch it go!

Hair by Emo-tions.  Angel Outfit by Le’la

 So let your imagination go wild!  Grab the Magical Cloud by Milo’s Bazar and see what wonders you can create in your photos!  Then feel free to share them in my Flickr Group, Meet Greet & Create in SL!  I can’t wait to see how you decide to use this amazing little cloud!

Hair and pose by Argrace

A super special thank you to my sponsors, Milo’s Bazar and Style Trend for supporting this blog post!

Body:  Maitreya
Jen by Wasabi Pills
Wintertide Dollarbie Hair by Emo-tions
Chizuru, Natsume, and Saki by Argrace
Bodysuit:  Elettra (September Group Gift) by Style Trend
Evil Angel Outfit in White by Le’la
Wings from the Evil Angel Outfit in Black by Le’la
Magical Cloud by Milo’s Bazar

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