Welcome to the Freakshow

“No escaping when I start, once I’m in I own your heart.
There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm, so hold on until it’s over…”
For Your Entertainment, Adam Lambert

Photos Taken at Uri Jefferson’s Freakshow

Once a year, the ringmaster himself, Mr. Uri Jefferson, opens up the tents to his travelling sideshow to let us take a glimpse inside.  And oh what wonders await us: amazing, unnatural, indecent and bizarre. It’s a smorgasbord of freakish proportions.  So put on your bib and get ready to dig in!

Hat & Face Makeup by Stone’s Works
Welcome to the show!  If you’re visiting, feel free to get dressed up and enjoy the wonders that Mr. Jefferson’s freaks have to offer.  For my visit, I chose a ring master look, featuring Queen of the Night Veiled Top Hat and Face Make Up by Stone’s Works.  The makeup I am wearing is a tattoo for a system head (yes yes yes.  I’ve stubbornly refused to switch to a mesh head!!!), but there is also an omega applier for a mesh head.  The hat also features a blinking, weeping eye, and a haunted jack in the box on top.  This creepy little ensemble helped me fit right in with the rest of the mad stars of this sideshow.
Jacket and panty by LuLu

Just inside the gates of the FreakShow, you find a yard full of whimsy and wonder.  (Be sure to check out the knife throwing game!)  I was greeted by this handsome little fella who decided that he really liked my hat.  The hat decided that it really liked him as well.  You can tell by the way the eye of the hat is wide open.. I on the other hand, was slightly unimpressed.

Blood Spatters for the body (and face) by ~PP~
There are several tents and sideshow displays for you to explore.  Here, I present one of my favorite creatures, Penny the Precious Pinhead.  Penny’s disturbing appearance is completely offset by her adorable smile.  But don’t let her innocent charm fool you, she’s a dangerous little girl if you let your guard down.
Boots by KC, Riding Crop by SPF
Across from Miss Penny, is this guy.  I haven’t decided if he’s an overgrown baby, or an undersized man.  However, it was clear after just a few words, that he was in need of serious discipline. 
If you’re going to visit the Freakshow, be sure to take a friend. And while you’re exploring the dark corners of the show, be sure to say hello the the friendly freaks.  If they can, they will say hello to you as well. But be careful not to stay too long.  You don’t want to become part of the show!

Uri Jefferson’s FreakShow is only in town until November 1st.  And then they close up the tents, clean up the camp and move onto the next town. So head on over to say hello, if you dare.

This photo taken at Haven Bar & Grill.
A huge thank you to Mr. Jefferson for allowing me to photograph some of his exhibits.  And as always, a super huge shout out to my friends at Stone’s Works for sponsoring this post.  The Queen of the Night set is available on sale until Halloween.  So make sure to get over there to pick it up before its gone!
Body:  Maitreya
Hair:   Sombre by Stealthic
Hat:    Halloween Veiled Top Hat by Stone’s Works
Makeup:  Queen of the Night  Halloween Woman’s Tattoo by Stone’s Works
Blood Spatters by ~PP~
Jacket & Panties:  Marlene by Lulu
Boots:  Trinity Boots by ~KC~
Necklace:  Heart Locket Choker by Infinity
Leather Riding Crop by SPF
All photos, except the last photo, taken at Uri Jefferson’s Freakshow!

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