A Dangerous Woman

“Nothing to prove and I’m bulletproof and know what I’m doing
The way we’re moving, like introducing us to a new thing.
I wanna savor, save it for later, the taste of flavor, cause I’m a taker
‘Cause I’m a giver, It’s only nature, I live for danger….”
Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande
All photos taken at Haven Pub

Who says Halloween has to be all spooks and ghouls?  You can keep it classy, be super sexy, and have a little slice of danger on the side with the Black Widow Set from Stone’s Works!  

The always snazzy Mitch Randall serving as my partner in crime.
The Black Widow gives spiders a good name (and as someone who suffers from extreme arachnophobia, I assure you this is very true!).  Featuring a web laced hat, that is crawling with some of our 8 legged friends, spider laden earrings, and a silver necklace with a spider adorned pendant, the black Widow set is elegantly frightening.
The Uncle Henry by ~C.H.C~

Whether you are looking to dress it up for an enchanting night out, or are going for a look that is a little more daring, the Black Widow set has enough charm and appeal to accent whatever look you are going for.

Lingerie by Blacklace, shoes by Ncore, Pose by Glamour Poses

Speaking of accents, the perfect accent to my outfit for this post is my choice of nail polish.  Sweetley is an amazing store, full of fantastic make up applier Catwa Heads.  Most of their sets come with matching applier polishes for your Maitreya hands and feet.  Although I have yet to start using my Catwa head (i know.. I Know.. I KNOW!!!)  I have used their polishes repeatedly and have never been disappointed.  My choice for this outfit is their Caged set.  
Caged Applier set by Sweetley.  Gun by BAMSE
The detail in their polishes and the way that they match them to their make up is absolutely phenomenal.  Look forward to many posts featuring Sweetley  once I transition to my Catwa Head.
The Three M’s arriving at Haven Bar & Grille:  Miss Mahogany, Mitch & Milo

The Halloween Season is winding down quickly, but if you hurry over to Stone’s Works, you can grab this set, and having a startling good time whenever you like.

Don’t get caught in her web…
I would like to give a huge thank you to my friends at Stone’s Works and Sweetley for sponsoring this post.  Also a super special thank you to Mitch Randall and Milo for keeping me company, listening to me mutter, and just being incredibly supportive and patient!
Body by Maitreya
Hair:  Makena by Truth
Hat, Necklace & Earrings:  Black Widow Set by Stone’s Works.
Dress:  Esther Dress – Latex by Stories & Co.
Lingerie:  Captivated – Black Widow & Lace by Blacklace
Shoes:  Arachnid by Ncore
Car:  Uncle Henry by C.H.C
Nails Applier:  Caged by Sweetley
All photos taken at Haven Bar & Grill!

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