Cheers To The New Year!

“But in case I stand one little chance, here comes the jackpot question in advance
What are you doing New Year’s, New Year’s Eve?”
What a year 2018 has been!  So many highs, lows and in-betweens, but we made it! 

As we prepare to enter into 2019, I want to give a huge thank you to all my sponsors, and my friends for supporting my blog.  I know the posts got a little sketchy there at there at the end, but I’m looking forward to resuming with regular posts after the New Year!

For my last post of 2018, I’m featuring some of my favorite sponsors: Stone’s Works, Feline Fine Fashions and my newest sponsor EED.

The 2019 NYE Top Hat by Stone’s Works is a fun little number.  Completely resizable, you can wear it full size or shrink it down to make it match whatever sexy outfit you’re planning to wear for tonight.  The NYE top hat is adorned with the year 2019, a champagne bottle, fireworks and sparklers that actually sparkle! (make sure your lighting is set above the basic settings to see these for yourself!  This amazing hat is available in The Stone’s Works Mainstore.  Pick one up today for your NYE celebrations tonight and tomorrow!

The Syrah Mystic Moon Strapped dress from Feline Fine Fashions is a great piece for ringing in the new Year!  Available in 5 sizes for classic avatars, it is also available for TMP, Physique, Venus, Isis, Freya, Maitreya and Hourglass bodies!  The dress comes in several remarkable colors, including White, Black, Gold, Green, Pink, Poseidon and Raven!   Drop by Feline Fine Fashions to take a look at this awesome dress today!

And finally, for my backdrop today, I used the Happy 2019 Sidetable by EED.  Delightfully decorated with playful kitties, lights and flowers, the Happy 2019 Sidetable is available in the EED Mainstore, and is not only a fabulous prop for photos, but also a fantastic reminder of the whimsy that awaits us all in 2019!

As always, a super shout out to my friends and sponsors.I wish you all the very best in 2019!

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