The Glamorous Life

“…Everybody knows from the coy little wink, the girl’s got a lot on her mind.”
The Glamorous Life, Sheila E.

Everyone wants a little glamour in their lives from time to time, especially in Second Life.  But what exactly is glamour?  Is it a form fitting gown?  Expensive furnishings?  Fancy cars?  I suppose that depends on who you ask, and if you ask me, i say it can be found in simple things.  Matching the right items in your wardrobe with a few well placed pieces of furniture can give add just the touch of glamour that you’d like for your life.
Hat by Stone’s Works, Dress by United Colors, Jewelry by Real Evil & Loev
The Gaucho Leather Cowboy Hat by Stone’s Works may not seem all that glamorous when you see it, but when worn with the right outfit, it spices things up pretty quickly.  This wide brimmed hat, adorned with linen trim and feathers off the back is available in Black, White or Brown, you can pick up the Gaucho Cowboy Hat at the Stone’s Works Mainstore.  During the Creative Spark Event, The Black and White hats are on sale for $150L, marked down from $300L.
Hair by Truth, Stiletto Portrait by Chez Moi
It’s not only clothes that can make you feel glamorous,  but the right furnishings, placed just so, can add a touch of whimsy, fancy and glamour to what could feel like a pretty dull day.  Case in point, the EED New Year’s Snowdrop Deco.  This adorably rustic mesh item is super cute, but still manages to add to my glamour shot, simply because of where it is placed in the photo.
EED Snowdrop Home Deco
The EED SNowdrop Deco is availabe at the EED Mainstore.  It’s an all in one piece, that will round out any room in your home.  The beautifully detailed mesh, features a woodblock table, set on a finely crafted carpet, and two pillows.  The cutest dog, a plant and pine cones really add to the whimsical feeling of the piece.  Regularly priced at $150L, During the Creative Spark event, you can get this fun piece for the ridiculously low price of $89L.
 The Creative Spark Event runs from January 4th – January 15th. Both Stone’s Works and EED are regular participants in the event.  So take a few moments out of your day and take a look around both of these fantastic stores!  What better way to bring in the New Year, than to find a new favorite store?!
Why Not??  What have you got to lose?
As always a super shout out to my friends at EED and Stone’s Works for sponsoring this post!  And a huge thank you to my friends and followers for reading!
Body:  Maitreya
Skin: Languisette
Hair:  Fiji by Truth
Dress: Laima Sweater Coat in Cream by United Colors
Shoes: Marlene Diamond Heels by Hilly Halaan
Necklace:  Lumis Cat Necklace by RE
Earrings:  Cat Earrings by Loev
Ring: From the Lux Brooklyn Set by RE
Hat: Gaucho White Leather Cowboy Hat by Stone’s Works
Stilleto Portrait By Chez Moi
Home Deco:  SNowDrop Home Deco by EED
Plant by Neigeux

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