Emotional Rollercoaster

“I’m on an emotional roller coaster, loving you ain’t nothing healthy
loving you was never good for me, but I can’t get off.”
Emotional Rollercoaster, Vivian Green

Love isn’t always red wine and roses.  Sometimes it’s a little bit of a struggle.  Meshing two personalities, their wants, needs and desires into one meaningful relationship can be tricky. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart! 

Crystal Poses – Couple 45
 If you’re looking for poses that will relay that feeling of anguish, apology or regret, you should check out the Crystal Poses’ offerings at the Dubai Event.  Couple Poses 44 and 45 are fraught with the emotional tension that every relationship endures from time to time.  Whether you’re breaking up, or making up, these poses are just right for you.
Crystal Poses – Couple 44
These two poses are available at the Dubai Event which runs from January 20th – February 10th 2019.  After that they will be available inworld at the Crystal Poses Mainstore, and in their Marketplace Store.
Alex Pose(group gift) by Crystal Poses, Wearing Aria by LIC.

For the second half of my blog post, I am wearing the Aria Lingerie set by Lindy In Chains (LIC).  This adorable set comes with Texture Tint hud that allows you to change the color of the bows, the lace and the lingerie as you like! This shade of seafoam green looked lovely against my mahogany skin, so I didn’t bother changing it!  The Aria lingerie is available in the LIC Mainstore, but also in their Marketplace Store.

Necklace by Crystal Poses
A super shout out to my new sponsors, Crystal Poses & LIC for sponsoring this post. If you like what you have seen here, you can follow Crystal Poses on FlickrFacebook, or browse their Marketplace Store.  For more great products by LIC, see take a tour of the LIC Mainstore, or their Marketplace Store.
Couple’s Pose 44 & 45 by Crystal Poses at the Dubai Event.
Necklace: Gina by Crystal Poses
Lingerie:  Aria by LIC
Mahogany’s Hair:  F603 by Tram
Mahogany’s Body:  Maitreya

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