Oh.. that’s my song!

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” ― Maya Angelou

Ana Boutique Bento Portrait Set 2 Pose 1

I think we all can agree that music has this magical transformative power. The right song, played at the right time, can either drive you to the deepest depths of sorrow, or send you soaring to the heights of absolute ecstasy. A heartfelt love song, can either leave you dancing around your house or sobbing in your cornflakes. That’s just how powerful music can be!

Ana Boutique Bento Portrait Set 2 Pose 6

While I could have used any number of dance animations to capture the intricacies of the emotions that music can stir within us. But I decided to use the Bento Portrait Pose Set 2 by Ana Boutique. Available at the Pose Fair until January 31st, you can get the entire set for $199L.

Ana Boutique Bento Portrait Set 2 Pose 5

The Bento Portrait Pose Set 2 is only one of several offerings that Ana Boutique has available at The Pose Fair. So, hurry over and take a look. After January 31st, you’ll be able to grab them in the Ana Boutique Mainstore in world.

As always a super shout out to my friends at Ana Boutique for sponsoring this post. If you like the poses you see here, you can find more poses and information through the links below:


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