“Whoa, here she comes, watch out boy, she’ll chew you up. Whoa here she comes, she’s a Maneater..”

Maneater, Hall & Oates
“I don’t think this is a good idea…”

“That’s where we will camp.”

Sander turned his head, following the point of her finger, his eyes squinting a little as he scratched behind his ear.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea…” he murmured. But she was already traipsing her way down the hill toward the fountain.

“What in the world?”

“What in the world is this?”

Surrounding the fountain, were several stone statues, looking as though they had been frozen in time, expressions of horror etched into their stone visage.

“What’s that in the water?”

Mahogany sat on the side of the fountain, watching quietly as Sander unpacked and set up camp. Turning to run her fingers through the water, she spotted something shining on one of the large lily pads.

“What is that in the water?”

“You shouldn’t touch that!”

“It’s a necklace!”

The serpentine pendant glittered in her hand, red eyes seeming alive as she looked down at it. The silver chain felt warm in her palm, even for being pulled from the cold water.

“You shouldn’t touch that! I think you should put it back.”

“Oh, but Sander, ” she sighed as her hands lifted, clasping the ends of it about her neck. “It’s beautiful.”

He watched, the glittering red of the serpents eyes seeeming to reflect in her own. Her ebony skin, grew pale, soft tendrils of her red hair vibrating, coming alive before his very eyes.

“You don’t look so good. Take it off!”

She reached out, grabbing his wrist in her vice like grip, pulling him forward into her lethal embrace.

“Take it off! Take it off!” He screamed.

“But Ssssander… it feels ssssooo good.” She hissed.

His bones cracked as her arms slithered around him, his flesh groaned as it was rent beneath her teeth. His breathing labored, he managed to squeak out. “I knew this was a bad idea!”


The Snake Charmer Necklace by Stone’s Works is jewelry that is available for $199L at the Medieval Fantasy Fair VIII. A coiled snake pendant on a silver chain with ruby red eyes, this is a darling piece that can be used in your every day RP. Running until February 16th,the Fair features a wide variety of items, including the Snake Charmer Necklace, and a few other great items by Stone’s Works.

Snake Charmer….

As always, a super shout out to my friends at Stone’s Works for sponsoring and inspiring this post! If you like the Snake Charmer Necklace (And matching earrings that he made just for me for this post!) check them out more of their works with the links below:

The Break Down:

  • Body by Maitreya
  • Hair: Debra by Truth
  • Hair: Medusa by Emotions
  • Skin: Medusa Silver Skin by CST
  • Eyes: Medusa Eyes – Fallen by Inkheart
  • Tongue: Truth Red by Otherskin
  • Necklace: Snake Charmer by Stone’s Works
  • Clothes: Undimmed Eyes Pants, Shoes & Shirt in Coffee by Belle Epoque
  • Camera Necklace, Cronograph and Binoculars by Severed Garden
  • Cart: Wizzarding Gear Harry/Props by Wearhouse
  • Vagabond Trunk A2 by StoraxTree
  • Backpack: Old Backpack by dustbunny
  • Suitcase Stack by dustbunny
  • Stone Man: Casual Guy by H.O.W.
  • Dead Sander: Corpse Kneeled by MF (Medieval Fantasy)
  • Photos taken at The Bar @ Haven

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