“The lotus flower grows in the mud, the deeper the mud the more beautiful the lotus blooms. “


The clacking of the Kendo swords echoed throughout the small room, accentuated by the shuffling of feet and the occasional grunt or shout from the two opponents.

“Focus!” He yelled, just before backing her into the wall. “You never take sparring seriously! And now you’ve lost your ground!”

Jess Poses Bento Couple 22

Her back met the wall, forcing her breath up out of her mouth with a loud “OOF!” Attempting to shake it off, her eyes flashed with defiance and amusement, her words breathless as she panted “I didn’t lose anything, I let you win!”

She watched his jaw set as he gritted his teeth. Knowing she had touched a nerve, she used the sharpness of her tongue to dig a little deeper into his pride. “You’ve always been weaker than me. I’ve always let you win. And you know it!”

The air in the room grew thick, his anger rolling off of him in near blinding waves. Darkness crept in, heavy and oppressive as he struggled to contain his desire to lash out at her. His skin prickled, goosebumps crawling across its heated surface, the glow of his blue eyes lighting the space between them. She had felt his anger before, but this was.. different. As the darkness enveloped them, his voice rumbled from a place that she was unfamiliar with. And it frightened her.

Spirit of the Dragon Bonsai by EED Home & Garden

“You have NO IDEA what kind of power I have. But the sooner you realize that I am not a child for you to toy with, the better off we will both be.” He drew in a breath, and let it out slowly between his lips, blowing away the darkness that threatened to consume them both. “Now. Practice. And FOCUS! You’re going to need it.”

He walked away, leaving her to sag against the wall, breathless, worried.. and for once, unsure.

Shinobi by Poses Addict

The next morning, she rose before the sun, making her way into the dojo, long before any of the other students would think of arriving. Taking her katana from its place, she began what would be a long day of practicing, not just the intricate steps of kendo kata. Determined to be prepared for their next interaction, she practiced until her body nearly collapsed with exhaustion. She would not allow herself to be frightened again.

Jess Poses Assise 10 Bento

.… to be continued

The Breakdown:

As always, a super shout out to my friends at EED Home & Garden and Jess Poses! You can visit both stores in world!

  • Mahogany’s Body by Maitreya
  • Mahogany’s Hair: Zoella & Tumelo by Sintiklia
  • Selene Choker by Secrets
  • Way to My Heart Jewelry Set by Earthstones
  • Mahogany is wearing: Koshikimono (Women) by Gabriel
  • Mahogany is wearing: Unleashed Sweatpants by Toksik
  • Sander is wearing: Koshikimono (Men) By Gabriel
  • Spirit of the Dragon Bonsai by EED Home & Garden (Benefits Spirit of the Dragon RFL Team!)
  • Japanese Art – Elegant Bamboo – ver 2.0 by Lunaria
  • Katana 3 by Wasenshi Arts
  • Nihonto cabinet by Wasenshi Arts
  • YUUKAKU -Taiko- (Drum) by RH Design House
  • Toshiro Tapestries by Low Prim Living
  • Incense, Zen Stones, Candles & Pebbles by LOVE Home & Gardens
  • Denmark Blanket – Beige by Dahlia
  • Assise 10 Bento Pose & Bento Couple 22 Pose by Jess Poses
  • Shinobi Pose (With Katana) by Poses Addict
  • Dojo: Black Moon House by D-Lab

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