Pretty in Pink

“Oh, she may be weary, them young girls, they do get wearied. Wearing that same old shaggy dress, yeah yeah. But when she gets weary, try a little tenderness…”

Try a LIttle Tenderness, Otis ReadiAny
Call Me An Uber, by Evie

Any child of the 80’s worth their spit will immediately recall the scene: Ducky in the record shop, dancing and lip synching for his life while Andie and Iona look on. And who hasn’t felt like that? Loving someone so deeply that the right song can either make you burst into tears, or break out into dance. Maybe not as enthusiastically as Ducky.. but.. you get my meaning!

Necklace by Stone’s Works

The fine folks at Stone’s Works will leave you feeling Pretty in Pink with the Beaded Necklace that they are offering for this round of The Creative Spark. Running until March 14, the theme for this round is Colors of Spring! And with this Poppy Pink Beaded Necklace will be a welcomed colorful addition to your inventory!

Hair by Truth, Photobomb by Sander.

The Creative Spark is an in-store sales event that runs for two weeks at a time. To get the Beaded Necklace for the special sale price, visit Stone’s Works Mainstore before March 14th! If you go, you can also grab their White Leather and Beaded Hat (Not pictured) which is also available for this event!

Intimate Cafe by Maya’s Buildings

As always a super special shout out to my friends at Stone’s Works for sponsoring this blog! For more information on their products, click the links below:


  • Mahogany’s Body By Maitreya
  • Hair: Joy By Truth
  • Necklace: Beaded Necklace by Stone’s Works
  • Outfit: Call Me An Uber by Evie
  • Backdrop/Cafe: Intimate Cafe by Maya’s Buildings
  • Photos Taken at Sander’s Home Parcel.

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