“Baby you send me… Set adrift on memory bliss of you..”

set adrift on memory bliss by pm dawn
Sea Dream Raft by TM Creation

Day 1:

After 15 days with no signs of help or humanity, we’ve finally cast off from the island. Using the wood that was left after the last storm ravaged our shelter, and one of two blankets left from the crash, Sander built us a raft. We gathered what few supplies we could find, and pushed off at first light, praying we are not as far away from civilization as we might think.

“The peeling.. it’s not that bad.”

Day 5:

At first, it feels almost like a game. Like at any moment, a wave will come along and push you within view of the shore. But then the hope is snatched away, as the horizon stretches on. The little island long gone, its just water.. everywhere. So we huddle together, trying to make the most of what little shade we have. Both a bit sun burnt, but its not to bad yet. Maybe tomorrow, we’ll catch sight of a boat, or land.


Day 10:

I will likely never eat fish again. Sander has been a most amazing provider. Before we left the island, he sharpened the end of our paddles, so we could use them as protection if necessary. Now he’s found another use, spearing fish. However, after a steady diet of .. whatever kind of sundried fish this is.. I never want to see another little fish, let alone eat one. Luckily we still have some water that we can use to wash it down. And we have to keep our strength up. We might be out here longer than expected.

“Don’t give up on us, we’re still ok.”

Day 21:

We’re out of supplies. At least once a day, Sander reminds me that to cry is a waste of perfectly good water, and that I should avoid it so I don’t get dehydrated. And then he holds me close and tells me that we’re going to be okay. But I can see that he’s worried too. Surely, someone will discover us soon enough.

Moonlight.. or salvation?

Day 30:

We’re all out of supplies.. and just about out of hope. It hasn’t rained in days, and the sun grows more brutal by the moment. Nights are nice though, if not a little cool. Our skin is peeling, our mouths are dry, but Sander still looks at me as if I’m the most beautiful woman in the world.. either that.. or he’s going to eat me if I fall asleep. Oh.. there’s a light.. is it.. no. it’s just the moon.

Tired of floating…

The Sea Dreams Raft is the newest 100% Mesh offering from TM Creation. The raft comes with everything you’ve seen in the photos, with the blanket, fish and pillow, for a total of 18 LI. The drinks tray (not shown) is 3 LI. With more adult and PG Animations than I can list here, the Sea Dream Raft is perfect for floating, for decorating, or just doing a bit of roleplay.

You can find the Sea Dream Raft by TM Creation at Tres Chic from now until April 10th. After that, it will be available in the TM Creation Mainstore. For more information on TM Creation, please reference the links below:

The Breakdown:

  • Sea Dream Raft by TM Creation
  • Mahogany’s Body by Maitreya
  • Mahogany’s Hair by Argrace
  • Mahogany’s top: Rip It Maitreya by Twisted Tanks
  • Mahogany’s pants: Rope Jeans Ripped (Maitreya Applier only) by Bijou
  • Sander is wearing:
  • RIOT / Honi Shorts – Stonewash
  • RIOT / Cole Harnessed Tank – Ghost
  • Vango. Kevin Hair
  • Volkstone Stubble Facial Hair [5 Styles] – Catwa/Omega Applier
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker

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