It’s a Minion!!


Bob the minion
Minion Firepit by Chilly Pigeon

The Home and Garden Expo opened this week. I was super excited to be one of the chosen few to be on their blogger team. So many great designers I’ve never even heard of. So many sims chock full of amazing home and garden items! I thought for sure I would have a hard time deciding which designer to blog first, but then, I saw it.. a minion!


The Minion Firepit – Spike by Chilly Pigeon is the one item you did not know you needed in your garden! Spike is just one of several minions available at the Chilly Pigeon Display at the Home and Garden Expo. He’s large, but resizable. Only 5 LI, and comes with a menu that lets you control his flames. Just too darn cute for words if I do say so myself. I’d likely hug him, if he weren’t so hot! The Chilly Pigeon Display can be found on The Hope 3 Sim of the Home and Garden Expo!

Trees by The Looking Glass

Taking a further look around, I found The Looking Glass. This store.. their display.. just.. AMAZING! I don’t know how I managed this long in SL without knowing about them. All I can say is WOW! Not only did they have these stunning trees, but also the cutest little Paisley Daises out as well. I honestly could see myself setting up an entire enchanted sim using their items. The Looking Glass can be found on Hope Sim 8 of the Home and Garden Expo

Paisley Daisies!

My last stop on my first tour of the Home and Garden Expo was Icaland. I just thought this little store was adorable. And when setting up this seen, I decided to use their decorative Log. This log is for decoration only and uses only 1 LI. But the most wonderful thing about log, is simply the texturing. Under the right windlight, you almost forget that you’re looking at an item in Second Life! Icaland is also found on the Hope 8 Sim of the Home and Garden Expo!

Decorative Log by Icaland

I am already planning my next shopping trip through the Home & Garden Expo. For more information on the expo, or the stores referenced in this post, see the links below:

One Last Look….

As always, a huge shout out to my friends at the Home & Garden Expo for sponsoring this post!

The Breakdown:

  • Firepit: Minion Firepit – Spike By Chilly Pigeon
  • Trees: Lucentia & Dawn’s Promise Trees by The Looking Glass (Home & Garden Expo Exclusives!)
  • Flowers: Paisley Daisies by The Looking Glass (see links above)
  • Log: Decorative Log by Icaland
  • Chairs, Table & Lantern: Winter Harvest set by What Next
  • Pavement: Edged Brick Park Path by Botanical
  • Grass: The Super Grass II by He(fundati)
  • Trees: Pine Forest Border by Anna Erotica

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