Camp Steelhead

Camp Steelhead Floating Swim Dock by

I have a strange love/hate relationship with the word Camp. If it is used in reference to movies, specifically horror movies, I love it! Sleepaway Camp, Camp Crystal Lake, Summer Camp Nightmare.. you get my drift. If you’re using it as an adjective… Meh. I can take or leave campy theatre, shows or people. And if you’re talking about pitching tents, forget it! I need a bed, air conditioner and proper doors that lock!


But, there is something about this Camp Steelhead Floating Swim Dock that just calls out to me. I’m not sure if its the look of it (because it’s absolutely fabulous, darling!), the many decorating ideas I get when I look at it (beach party, private lake) Or the fact that one of the many props included is a shark (Get out of the water! Get out of there! It’s a shark! .. Jaws, Anyone?)!

My partners in crime, Sander and Milo

You could even write your own horror movie with this thing in mind. You know the formula, a few friends are hanging out, enjoying the summer sun. Music playing, relaxing on the swim dock, just having a good time.

Suddenly, someone feels something under the water. It brushes against her leg, touches her hand, something. The others laugh it off as she climbs back onto the dock. Pouting, she stretches out on the bench, giving the others the cold shoulder, while they try to reassure her that it was nothing!

Reassuring the pouty girl.

The third wheel of the group wanders off, while it is established who the main couple is. We all know this is a bad sign for the third wheel. He doesn’t realize it yet, but he’s just been designated the first kill. There’s no room in horror movies for hangers on. The third wheel has to go!

Just when you think he’s gone for good, the third wheel shows up again (jump scare most likely) The pouting girl pouts some more, because third wheel is being a dick and making fun of her. But you can hear it in the music, the quiet creeping strings, the slow building swells.. there’s something out there alright. Your ears start straining for the slightest hint of what horror awaits you. Is it a shark? What about piranha? Or maybe a deranged lunatic slasher? And then.. when you least expect it….

ZOMBIES!!!!! (yes, there is a pose in the dock called Zombies!)

They fight to the death! Everyone is eaten alive. Screams, blood and gore abound! And then, when it’s all almost over… The pouty girl wakes up with a jolt, still stretched out on the swim dock, music playing, friends having fun. She takes a moment to catch her breath, feeling it was just a dream. But was it?

The pouty girl is wearing LIC.

The Camp Steelhead Floating Swim Dock is fully furnished, All Original Mesh. It boasts over 300 bento animations as well as a toy rezzer. You can pick it up at the Steelhead Outfitters display at the Home & Garden Expo!

For this blog, Mahogany is wearing the Bikini Harness by Lindy In Chains (LIC). It can be found in the LIC Mainstore, or the Marketplace Store.

As always, a super huge shout out to my friends at The Home & Garden Expo, Steelhead Outfitters, and LIC for sponsoring this post!

The Breakdown:

  • Camp Steelhead Floating Swim Dock by Steelhead Outfitters, available at the Home & Garden Expo
  • GOOSE – Sun deck (dark)
  • Lilo Cola Glass Full / DECO
  • R(S)W Large Snack Cooler 2
  • Gumi’s Flower Shop – Mom duck and five chicks
  • KAZZA<< Line Breeze – Lighthouse C
  • dust bunny dreamy outing cooler
  • vintage radio chez moi
  • TDC Adult Beach Towel
  • TDC Rumpled Towel
  • TDC Beach Bag
  • Pro Magic Magazines
  • Mahogany is Wearing:
  • Body By Maitreya
  • Hair: Fiona by Mina
  • Bikini Harness by LIC
  • Earrings: From the Meyer Outfit by Legendaire

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