In His Space..

“…Walked down the hall into your room where I could smell you. And I shouldn’t be here, without permission.. shouldn’t be here..

your house by alanis morissette

Sometimes, you just need to be in his space….

Romper by Narcisse, Pose byGingerfish, Necklaces by Michan & Eve

When you’re missing your significant other, because life keeps getting in the way, and you can’t get the quality time you need, you reach for whatever you can find to remind you of who they are and what they mean to you. Sometimes, it’s an article of clothing, sometimes, it’s your favorite song. Sometimes.. just being in their space, a place where they spend a lot of time.. a place where you can feel their presence, even if you can’t be IN their presence, can be incredibly calming and reassuring.

Decor by Merak, available at the Zodiac Event

Merak has created some fantastic items for creating such a space in SL. The Aries Hanging Chair and Constellation Frame are available at the Zodiac Event that runs from now until April 10th. The Hanging Chair is only 7 LI, and has texture change options for the pillows. The Constellation frame is only 2 LI, and is modifiable. Both are affordably priced, and only $355L and $185L respectively.

As always, a huge THANK YOU to my friends at the Zodiac Event and Merak for sponsoring this pose. For more information on the event or the designer, check out the links below:

The Breakdown:

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