Too Tired to Title

“Self care is important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You can not serve from an empty vessel.”

Eleanor Brown
Desk & Chair by Salacity, Art by The Lost Unicorn

The burden of having a caring heart, is that in the middle of caring for everyone else, you often forget to care for yourself. You find the time and energy to help others accomplish there goals, while leaving your dreams unfulfilled.

Pumpkin Poufs and Paint Pots by Eclectic

Sometimes, you need to steal away to your personal retreat for a little rest, and relaxation. A mental health day to regroup and refocus. Reflect on the things that are important to you, and revisit your goals. Then emerge refreshed and ready to begin again.

Armchair, Ottoman and Side Table by Vintage Touch

In preparing for this blog, I got a tad bit overwhelmed by my blogging responsibilities. I have recently been approved to blog for several events all at once, when I never thought I’d get approved to blog for one. So, facing pending deadlines, and the possibility of being kicked off of one or more blogging teams, I had to put on my best thinking had and figure this shit out. The photos in this series represent my blogging life at the moment: spotty and disorganized. However, with a few amazing prospects and possibilities, I’ve managed to come up with something beautiful šŸ™‚

Framed Art Prints by Moss & Mink

So today, I say a huge thank you to a few designers. First I want to thank Salacity for supplying me with the amazing Dorm Desk & Chair. This is set is making its debut at the SL Home & Garden Expo, and is available there from now until April 7th. I also want to thank Eclectic for the fun Pumpkin Poufs and Paint Pots that inspired this scene. The poufs and paint pots are available at the Boardwalk Event until April 15th. Moss & Mink was kind enough to supply the Aries Framed Prints that you see in the photo above. You can get them at the Zodiac Event until April 10th.


I owe another huge THANK YOU to The Vintage Touch for the Noir Armchair, Ottoman and Side Table with Prop. I also want to thank The Lost Unicorn Gallery for supplying the art that I used to adorn the walls of my studio. Both stores are offering these items at the SL Home & Garden Expo!

Necklace by Rhude

Finally, a shout out to the fine folks at RHUDE, who have the Aries Necklace on sale at the Zodiac Event!

Trying to Keep Up

And now that I’ve absolutely exhausted myself trying to keep up, I’m going to go get a nap before I fall asleep over my work again šŸ˜› Happy Shopping everyone! (Very Long) Credits below!

The Breakdown:

  • Mahogany is Wearing:
    • Body by Maitreya
    • Hair: Ginerva By Truth
    • Makeup: Glamorize Rival Black Combo Eyes
    • Glamorize Today Make Up Kit Lips
    • Top: Basics Sports Bra/artist by Erratic
    • Shorts: Zazie Dungaree/ artist by Erratic
    • Necklace: Aries Necklace by Rhude available at the Zodiac Event
  • Studio Stuff:
    • Dorm Desk & Chair by Salacity available at Home & Garden Expo
    • Dripping Vase (Big, Med, Small) & Pumpkin Poufs By Eclectic available at Boardwalk Event
    • Paintbrushes in Pot by MiaSnow
    • Life’s a Mess Spilled Paint by Second Spaces
    • Aries Framed Prints by Moss & Mink @ Zodiac Event
    • My Little Artistic Clutter by Vespertine
    • Artistic Tray by Vespertine
    • Aquarell Colors by Vespertine
    • Paint Brushes by Vespertine
    • Charcoals & Crayons by Vespertine
    • Wood Easels By Vespertine
    • Cork Notice Board by GCD
    • Pencil Sketches by Nutmeg
    • Winter Brunch Sketchpad by Nutmeg
    • Set up Table By Schultz Bros
    • Hanging Brushes by Schultz Bros
    • Paint Cans- Empty by Schultz Bros
    • Canvas Boards by Schultz Bros
    • dwarf fruit tree – green apple by Dust bunny
    • dwarf fruit tree – red apple by Dust bunny
    • dwarf fruit tree – clementine by Dust bunny
    • dwarf fruit tree – cherry by Dust bunny
    • Noir Rose Armchair & Ottoman by Vintage Touch @ H&G EXPO
    • Noir Rose Sidetable & Props by Vintage Touch @ H&G Expo
    • Art From The Lost Unicorn Gallery: (Available at the Home & Garden Expo)
      • It Simply Isn’t by Natalie Montagne
      • Bentham Hollow by Natalie Montagne
      • Faerie Friends by Natalie Montagne
      • Faerie Dust Makes the Flowers Beauitful by Natalie Montagne
      • And the Magic Flows Through the Pines by Natalie Montagne
      • Forest of Dreams by Natalie Montagne
    • House: The Blakely Bungalow by Adorably Strange Ware available at the Home & Garden Expo
    • Painted Footprints compliments of Gurney Bracken ā˜ŗ
    • Floor Splatter by HaberDashery
  • Special Guest Appearances by:
    • Sander Sunborne ā™„
    • Doris & Dora Alpaca (Winter Garden Collection Alpaca by 3D Object Sales)

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