Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.

coco chanel
Simple Elegance…

Simple.. serene.. beautiful. Elegance is not just in clothing and the way you carry yourself, it can be in the way you decorate your home, or your parcel. Elegant is just one way to describe the La Mia Rosa set by The Looking Glass. Complete with a chair, a dresser, rug, vase and wall art, this set will add an air of sophistication to your home. This is an exclusive release for the SL Home and Garden Expo, which runs until April 7th. Available separately, or as a fatpack, the La Mia Rosa set comes with a texture change option to help compliment your existing decor.

The La Mia Rosa Set by The Looking Glass, The Baroque Blogger Portrait by A Woman’s Touch

For added ambience, I used the Baroque Blogger gift by A Woman’s Touch, which is also available at the SL Home & Garden Expo, and the Retro Gramophone (with playable music) by L & R Productions.

Hat by Stone’s Works, Dress by Valentina, Hair by Truth

If you’re like me, you love to add a little flash of fabulous to your every day look. Setting the scene for this blog post, I felt the need to dress the part of late victorian Lady. To accomplish that look, I pulled out one of my favorite hats: It’s Time Ladies in White Silk by Stone’s Works.

Jewelry by Avaway.

This hat will make heads turn. With it’s larger than life brim and stunning blue bow, this hat is adorned with black and white feathers, and a simple time piece. It is simply stunning, and you will be as well when you wear it.

As always, a huge thank you to my favorite dandy, Sander Sunborne, for his unending patience with my persnicketiness (is that a word?) while taking these photos. And a super shout out to my friends at The Looking Glass, A Woman’s Touch, L & R Productions, Stone’s Works and the SL Home & Garden Expo for sponsoring this post! For more information, see the links in the credits!


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