Travel With Me…

“I want you to travel with me. Let loose and let your mind go free
Show you things that you’ve never seen. You just got to go with me…”

closer, corinne bailey rae
“I want to get closer to you…”

We are coming up on the final week of the 2019 SL Home and Garden Expo. If you’re still looking for a reason to go check it out, EED Home & Garden is that reason.

Sea Rocks with Walrus, Sea Rocks with Birds and Sand Island with Crabs, all by EED

EED Home & Garden has put out a sea set that will make your backyard an open air adventure. Take your pick of the Sea Rocks with Walruses, Sea Rocks with Birds, or Sand Island with Crabs. All are beautifully crafted and textured, and fully resizable.

All Aboard Island, and Palm Trees with Rocks, both by EED.

If the sea isn’t calling for you, take a look at the All Aboard Island, and Palm Trees with Rocks. Again, these are beautifully textured and resizable. The All Aboard Island comes complete with singles and couples animations, to keep you and your special someone cuddling for hours on end.

All Aboard Island.

EED’s store can be found on the Hope 6 Sim of the SL Home and Garden Expo. The expo runs until April 7th, so you’ll want to make your way over before they close. Hey.. if for nothing else, you just HAVE to see the walruses up close and personal!

Happy walrus!

As always, a super shout out to my friends at EED Home & Garden, and the SL Home and Garden Expo for sponsoring this post! Please see the links in the credits for more information on this event and creator!


  • EED Home & Garden Items Available at The SL Home & Garden Expo
    • EED’s SEA ROCKS w WALRUSES resizer c
    • EED’s ALL ABOARD ISLAND animated c
    • EED’s SEA ROCKS w BIRDS resizer c
    • EED’s SAND ISLAND w CRABS resizer c
    • EED’s PALM TREES on the ROCKS resizer c
  • Mesh Sand Beach by Meshlogic
  • 62m Rocks Barrier Line Waves Foam-45text v5.5 by TM Creation
  • Mahogany Is Wearing:

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