Looking In..

“You look at me and see the girl, who lives inside the golden world. But don’t believe, that’s all there is to see. You’ll never know the real me.”


Some days, I live like a rock star. Always on the go, constantly on the move. Music, microphones, video cameras, rehearsals.. When I’m in the middle of it, it feels absolutely amazing. Always in the spotlight, always in control. I laugh, I smile, I sing, I shine. And I feel the admiration of those around me.

“She dreams of all that she can never be…”

But radiating all that energy is utterly exhausting. And some nights, I feel so drained, the only thing I can do is cry. Surrounded by the reminders of all of I have accomplished, I feel like an absolute failure, and I crumble.

So, I find a quiet place, have a good cry and replenish my spirit. Then present myself ready to do it all again.

“Don’t say she takes it all for granted, I’m well aware of all I have..”

When you need to create a sentimental place in Second Life, I can highly recommend the high quality items of Follow Us! When it came time to do this blog post, I realized I had so many of their items in my inventory, I decided to just use them all! But I’d like to focus on the two pieces they are using to support RFL at the SL Home & Garden Expo.

The Take A Break Bench by Follow Us!

The Take a Break Bench by Follow Us is an adorable wooden bench that will look great in any entryway, living space, or area where people might need to just “take 5”! It comes complete with a pair of sandals beneath it, as well as a cup of coffee and a tray of cookies! So grab a seat, catch your breath and get ready to do some more shopping!

Spring Dressing (Shabby) by Follow Us!

I am a sucker for Shabby Chic Items, and this vintage clothing cart is top of the line. The floral painted cart has a a little bit of everything you need on it to get ready for a day or a night out.

Both items can be found at the SL Home and Garden Expo. The expo is wrapping up this week, closing on April 7th, so you may want to get over there today and grab these two amazing items.

As always, a super shout out to my friends at Follow Us and the SL Home and Garden Expo for sponsoring this event!


  • Follow Us Items:
    • !! Follow US !! Take a break bench @ SL Home & Garden Expo
    • !! Follow US !! Spring dressing (shabby) @ SL Home & Garden Expo
    • !! Follow US !! Industrial Bathtub Set: Vintage bathtub & Ground towel
    • !! Follow US !! Safety dog with panties 
    • !! Follow US !! NEW Adam & Eve deco mannequins
    • !! Follow US !! Vintage set lights camera:
    • !! Follow US !! Love tower (large) blue/silver
    • !! Follow US !! NEW Ironing board (set): Includes Towel Rail & Laundry Basket
    • !! Follow US !! Coat rack (wood)
    • !! Follow US !! Screen/Room divider Good Night: Inc. Nightdress & Black shoes
    • !! Follow US !! Sexy night rack
    • !! Follow US !! Fetish wall accessories – Set
    • Moving Boxes by Follow Us
  • Nutmeg & RK Poses. Old Stool w/Cloth DecorGroup Gift
  • Nutmeg. Chaise Longue Cream w/Knitted Throw
  • Building: Garage & Alleyway by Schultz Bros.

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