New Moon in Aries

” … you’ll want to go a little more in-depth into what makes you who you truly are.”

New Moon, New Look (pose by Gingerfish)

There’s a new moon in Aries coming tomorrow, and it could really wreak a little bit of havoc on your emotion and mental state. Or so says the astrologers who are experts on these things. According to Korin Miller, ” you may feel a little frustrated when you can’t get things done as quickly as you want—especially if it feels like people are keeping you from tackling the things you want to do,” (Women’s Health Online, 4/3/19).

Outfit by Valentina E., Body By Maitreya, Head by Genus

I’ve used the “sweet energy” that’s coming with the new moon to take on a new look. I’ve purchased my first ever Mesh Head, Genus Strong .. whatever it is.. and a new skin, Blue by Not Found. Not too sure that I like it all that much, but it looks ok.. I guess. I’m really not good with change. Can you tell?

Pose by Jess Poses

If you’re feeling that creative spark of the new moon, and looking for something new to get into, there’s still time to go over to the Zodiac event and grab this fantastic outfit from Valentina E. Or the fireplace by Ayla.. Or the Aries Accessory Set by Elm. But you want to hurry, this round of Zodiac ends on April 10th.

As always, a super shout out to my friends at Ayla, Elm, Gingerfish, Jess Poses, Valentina E. and the Zodiac Event for sponsoring this post. For more information on these awesome creators and the Zodiac Event, see the links in the credits.

The BreakDown:

  • Elm. Aries Ram Skull [Natural] @ The Zodiac Event
  • Elm. Aries Plant [Black]@ The Zodiac Event
  • Elm. Aries Crystal Bookends [Pink] @ The Zodiac Event
  • Ayla. Aries: Reclaimed Fireplace @ The Zodiac Event
  • Loft & Aria – Eir Print
  • Loft & Aria – Grace Tea Cup
  • Loft & Aria – Grace Succulent
  • Loft & Aria – Grace Big Succulent
  • Loft & Aria – Grace Rug
  • MudHoney Rosalee Chair PG
  • MudHoney Rosalee Table
  • TA Concept Wallet
  • Mahogany is Wearing:
    • Body by Maitreya
    • Head: Genus – Strong Face
    • Skin: Blue by Not Found
    • Hair: Sasha Hair by Rowne Salon
    • E. Eren Ensemble Blouse by Valentina E. @ The Zodiac Event
    • E. Eren Ensemble Trousers by Valentina E. @ The Zodiac Event
    • Lexie Hat by Diram
    • Necklace & Earrings: Alexa White Choker Pearls by Maxi Gossamer
    • Bracelets: Pearlicious Lingerie Ensemble Accessories by DBL
    • Shoes: Ida Stiletto Black by Nardcotix
  • Pose: Femme 10 by Jess Poses
  • Pose: Moon In Aries by GingerFish @ The Zodiac Event

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