Home & Garden Expo Round Up

The SL Home and Garden Expo is wrapping up this weekend. I’ve discovered a lot of amazing creators that I did not know existed, and made some great friends! As one of my last posts, I want to highlight a few great builds!

Urban Brick Home by Love Everlasting Home & Garden

The Urban Brick Home by Love Everlasting Home & Garden is so much more than it seems. Regal in appearance with its awnings, double doors, golden crest and stained glass windows, it also features a wide open lay out, huge rooms and ceilings and a roof top garden.

Spring Bench by Generation X, Butterfly and Buzzy Wagons by Flying Arts

The Spring Bench by Generation X is a lovely whimsical item specifically designed for your backyard or garden. With pallets serving as a trellis for the climbing pink roses, and adorable pillows, this is a great place to rest at the end of the day. Featuring Singles and Couples animations, this is one item you might definitely want to pick up.

Petite Maison Gazebo & Gazebo Furniture

Finally, The Petit Maison Gazebo set True North Designs will be the showcase of many gardens in SL. This build comes complete with a working lamp, potted hibiscus and watering can. The matching furniture is adorned with fresh poppies in a mason jar, a stack of books for reading, and glasses for those of us who are optically impaired 🙂 The chairs comes with animations, both make, female and unisex. This set will keep your comfortable, and encourage more time spent out doors.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to blog for this event. I look forward to the wonderful things I will discover next year when the expo opens its doors. As always, a super shout out to my friends at Love Everlasting Home & Garden, Flying Arts, Petit Maison, and the SL Home & Garden Expo! For more information on the creators featured here, please see the links below.

The Breakdown:

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