“Baby let’s cruise away from here. Don’t be confused, the way is clear…”

Cruisin’, SMokey Robinson
“And inch by inch we’ll get closer and closer…”

I’m all about relaxing lately. The busier I get irl, the less I want to do in SL. So when my Sander suggested we go sailing, I was like SURE! So we did. It was FANTASTIC! I have to say my experiences with sailing (and flying) in SL have always had disastrous results. But this was fun. And we took some of our new sponsors along for the ride.

Outfits by Allure Couture. Ice Cream by Crystal Poses.

Allure Couture is my newest fashion sponsor, and I could not be more excited! Their Nautical Dreams outfits for men and women are an exclusive for Relay for Life (RFL)! 100% of the proceeds from these outfits go toward research to find a cure for cancer! So not only do these outfits look great, but they were created for a great cause! You can find them at the Spirit of the Dragon sim!

“… you missed a spot…”

Whether you’re trying to cool off, look cool, or just be you, the perfect accessory, as the weather gets warmer, is the Bitten Ice Cream photo prop by Crystal Poses. This little choclate covered ice cream bar is fully AO and Pose friendly. It wont interfere with either. I didn’t use a pose for these photos. I just let me AO do their thing. You can find this at the Seven Event until April 25th. After that, it will be available at the Crystal Poses Mainstore, or on the Marketplace.

Necklace and Bracelet by Delicae, Sunglasses by Milo’s Bazar. Hair by Truth.

The Beachcomber Necklace is an adorable unisex piece by Delicae. It seemed the perfect accessory for the Nautical Dreams outfit. It comes with a texture change hud that allows you to choose between 8 metal with 4 shine options and 6 stone textures. It’s currently available at the Swank Event. Both Sander and I paired the necklace with the Entwined Bracelet. The Entwined Bracelet is available in the Delicae Mainstore and on the Marketplace.

My sunglasses are also unisex!! The Unisex Sunglasses by Milo’s Bazar are a fun and fantastic pair of shades! You put them on your face, click them, and open up a world of possibilities. You can adjust their size, their position, the color of the frames, the color of the lenses, the alpha amount on the lenses.. Honestly, the skies the limit with these glasses. You can get them (and a few other fun things) on the Marketplace.

“Are you coming?”

As always, a super shout out to my friends at Allure Couture, Crystal Poses, Delicae and Milo’s Bazar for sponsoring this post. For more information on the products reviewed here, be sure to check out the links above.


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