Break Up With Your Girlfriend

“Break up with your girlfriend, cause I’m bored…”

“Damn.. she can’t compare…”

If you’re in a playful yet seductive mood, and in need of an outfit to reflect that, you might want to take a look at New Line’s Bunny Outfit. New Line is a fantastic new store in SL that has some amazing items. The Bunny Set comes complete with ears, a bowtie collar, adorable body suit, a fluffy tail and strappy thigh high boots. It also comes with a multi color HUD that allows you to mix and match the color of the items. Oh, how can forget the snuggly stuffed bunny that comes with it as well. It’s available in the New Line Main Store, and on the Marketplace.

Love is Life Floor Sofa by TM Creation

The sofa I used for today’s photos is the Love is Life Floor Sofa by TM Creation. This unique piece of furniture is available at Tres Chic until June 10th at a 10% discount. After that it will be available in the TM Creation Main Store!

“You can hit it in the morning.. like it’s yours…”

As always, a huge thank you to my friends at New Line and Tm Creation for sponsoring this post. And ** SMOOCHES ** to my readers for following my adventures.

The Breakdown:

  • Mahogany Is Wearing:
    • Hair: Claire by Wasabi Pills
    • Hair: Sylke by Wasabi Pills
    • Bunny Set by New Line
    • Sally Onesie Unicorn Pack by Vanilla Bae
  • Sofa: Love is Life Floor Sofa by TM Creation @ Tres Chic til June 10th
  • Poses:
    • My Pearls Pose 1 by Amitie
    • Midnight Madness by Fox City
  • Feathers: Persefona Floating Pillow Feathers (pink&blue)
  • Balloons: Celebration Balloons Floor Pink by Hive
  • Sander is Wearing:
    • [FKD] – DREW – UNICORN

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