Happy Accidents

So here’s a funny little story. Today, I set out to take photos of the Kiss Me Again Scene and Love & Relax Bench, both by Tm Creation. As I was setting up the scene, I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll put on the Alexis Bolero Dress by Allure Couture, and match it with the Maroon Birdcage Veiled Hat by Stone’s Works. ” In my mind, this was going to be an easy little shoot before vacation.

Home & Garden Decor by TM Creation

So I get all gussied up, find the Bento Femme 28 Pose by Jess Poses, and start taking photos. All is going well, until I get to the Wind Light portion. This is easily my least favorite part of blogging in SL. Finding the right windlight. It gets to be very time consuming. But, it’s either fight with the windlight before the photo, or fight with some photo editor after the photo. So we fight on with the windlight. and we come up with some half decent shots.

High Fashion.. or some such stuff.

The Kiss Me Again Scene is available in the TM Creation Mainstore. It’s 100% original mesh, loaded with either adult or pg animations, and is only 15 LI. And, it has blinky lights on it!! You really can’t beat that. It will definitely make a lovely centerpiece in your garden or landscaping scheme.

Kiss Me Again Scene by TM Creation

The Love & Relax Bench by TM Creation is an exclusive for the Driftwood – A Dream Series Event, that runs between now and July 5th. This stone bench, decorated with flowers and pillows, also comes with a water pump, a lantern, and the most adorable wolves (who obviously did not make it into the photo… oops!). You can pick it up for a 10% discount at the event.

Love & Relax Bench by TM Creation

Then comes the happy accident….

Alexis Bolero Dress by Allure Couture. (Click for the full HD Photo)

I fiddled with the wind light just a little too much and suddenly everything around me was blacked out. BUUUUUT the dress looked amazing! (I won’t mention that my avatar is pretty fucking stunning as well.) The Alexis Bolero Dress is a new release for the month of June from Allure Couture. It comes in several different colors: Blue, Black, White, Gold, Green and Pink. It’s a full outfit with shoes to match (not shown). You can pick it up at the Allure Couture Mainstore.

Maroon Birdcage Veiled Hat by Stone’s Works (Looks Freaking Amazing up close. CLICK!)

So now, I need to get a close up of the hat. HOLY SMOKES! Look at that photo! I probably couldnt do it twice. But that looks pretty damned good to me! Ok.. now back to the blogging. Stone’s Works has several of these lovely hats and fascinators on sale right now at the All Things Event. The theme for this round is Old Hollywood. So if that’s your thing.. (and let’s be honest.. who doesn’t love Old Hollywood Glam???) Then head on over!

As always, a super shout out to my friends at Allure Couture, TM Creation and Stone’s Works! And a huge THANK YOU! to my readers for continuing to follow my adventures! Until Next Time! *SMOOCHES!**

The BreakDown:

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