Summer Allure

” She has this amazing aura around her which catches you off-guard. A girl’s innocence combined with a woman’s sensitivity. A charm that is alluring and attractive at the same time. “

Avijeet Das
Swimsuit & Cover Up by Allure Couture, Decor by Salacity

I just can’t seem to shake Vacation Mode. Summer has my mind tightly in its easy, breezy, heated grip. All I can think about is running away into the sunshine, leaving my worries behind. So it was easy for me to match up the perfect items for this blog post.

I know it looks like lingerie, but its a swimsuit I swear!

I’m featuring Allure Couture again, because the released the very versatile Andi Swimsuit and Cover Up for July. The Andi Swimsuit comes with a swimsuit, cover up and sandals. There is a 15 texture HUD created with all original textures. The Andi Swimsuit and Cover Up are for: Classic L, M, S , Belleza Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Slink Hourglass & Physique, Tonic Curvy & Fine. The Sandals are for: Belleza, Maitreya, Slink. You can find it in the Allure Couture Mainstore.

Sorry.. not sorry.. I couldn’t decide what picture to use.

For the photos, I decided to pair the Andi Swimsuit with Castaway Nautical Decor Set from Salacity. This Set is perfect for any room in your home, or an entry way. It comes with finely textured coat hooks, porthole mirror, boat table, anchor rug, and table decor. The Castaway Nautical Decor Set is available at The Salacity Mainstore.

Old Oyster House by Never Totally Dead, Beach Umbrella by Salacity

I’m slipping back into vacation mentality. As always, a super shout out to my sponsors at Allure Couture and Salacity for sponsoring this post. And to you, my readers, stay cool! *smooches!*

The Breakdown:

  • Mahogany is Wearing:
    • Hair: Vel by Doux
    • Bathing Suit & Shoes : Andi Swimsuit and Cover Up by Allure Couture
    • Hat & Sunglasses by Jess Poses
  • The Scenes:
    • Inside Decor: Castaway Nautical Decor Set by Salacity
    • Beach Umbrella (with towel): Salacity with pose by Cara Poses
    • Radio: Retro Radio by Salacity
    • Cooler: Dreamy Outing Cooler by Dust Bunny
    • Bag: Balnea Beach Bag by [AB]
    • Old Oyster House by Never Totally Dead

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