Pupper Pawty

Is there anything more adorable than puppies in pajamas???

Patio Pergola Set by Salacity

Salacity has a new release for the July Round of the Boardwalk Event. The Patio Pergola Set is a lovely pergola with a hud for multiple texture options. The set contains the pergola and the planters pictured above. When I saw it, I immediately thought “BBQ!” but then, I found the Wonky Weenies by Jian and suddenly it was a Pupper Pawty!

This round of the Boardwalk Event runs until August 15th! So hurry over and grab the Patio Pergola Set! Then you can host a Pupper Pawty of your own!

The BreakDown:

  • Salacity:
  • Jian:
    • Choco Lab Pupper Basket
    • Teddy Cuddler: Kitten
    • Habada The Pilot Weenie
    • Pupper Pool Party :: Pool
    • Pool Party Pups: Dachund
    • Pool Party Pups :: Chihuahua
    • Wonky Weenies :: Bunny PJs
    • Wonky Weenies :: Ducky PJs
    • Wonky Weenies :: Cute AF PJs
    • Wonky Weenies :: Hot Dog
    • Boston Terrier :: Hot Dog Thief
    • Scruffy Shepherds Beagle Pup
    • Hot Dog Grill
  • Junk Food:
    • Soda Bottle Solo Cups Display
  • David Heather:
    • Paper Plates
  • What Next:
    • Caliente Kebabs & Corn
    • Caliente Hotdog Plate
    • Caliente Burger Plate

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