Vintage Tower

If you’re an Urban Rapunzel looking for a place to let down her hair, then the Vintage Tower by MadZaza is just the build for you.

Vintage Tower by MadZaza

The Vintage Tower by MadZaza is 4 floors of fabulous. The structure features intricate brick and wood texturing on the outside, and well textured walls on the inside. The stairwells and fire escape are nicely done as well.

Ground Floor

The bottom floor is a little rough, with broken concrete slabs, partial wood walls, some rusty pipes and a dumpster, but keep climbing and you’ll find some fantastic living spaces.

3rd floor of the tower.

I’ll admit, I completely bypassed the second floor, but its large and roomy, just let your imagination run wild. But the third floor offered more than enough space, featuring a spiral stair case, double doors leading out to a brick walkway, and an empty fireplace.

Tia Laced Chairs

This room looks full in the photos, but we still managed to get this fantastic corner in place.

Tia Draped Room Divider, DRD Gothic Vampire Throne and Side Table

I know it seems like a lot, but there’s still so much more. Up the spiral staircase is another spacious room. We decided to decorate it as a bedroom. and wow did it turn out nice.

DRD Gothic Vampire Bed, Drapes and Bedside Chair

What you can’t see in this photo is the fireplace, chaise lounge and cage that is just out of the frame. But you can see Sander’s post for another view of this room and the others in this amazing build.

As always a super shout out to my friends at MadZaza for sponsoring this post. Take a peek at their Flickr, or visit their Main Store, or the Marketplace, for more information! *SMOOCHES!*

For more information on the products seen in my photos, Visit Sander’s Blog.

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