“I want a little sugar in my bowl. I want a little sweetness down in my soul…”

“Sugar In My Bowl, Nina Simone”
Lingerie by Aurora Designer, Background by Salacity.

I probably should have used Lights, Camera, Action as a title for this post, since the whole photo shoot revolves around the Salacity Photo Studio Lights, but, as sometimes happens, during the creative process, I got this song stuck in my head. And I have to say, considering how sweet everything in this post is, it’s a rather fitting title.

Photo Studio Lights by Salacity

The Photo Studio Lights Set by Salacity includes Softboxes, Spotlights, Umbrella Lights and overhead lights. It also comes with a Projector Start Up Kit that explains how to use the lights. They are not a new release, but they are fantastic props and light sources that every SL photographer should look into having. They also have a pretty fantastic Seamless Photo Background that you can see me using above. Both are available in the Salacity Mainstore.

Salacity Photo Studio Light Set

The fantastic lingerie I’m wearing in this shoot is the Katya set by Aurora. This amazing set comes with a 15 Color Hud for the bra and the panties. So you can change it up as you like. The Katya Set is available at Whore Couture from September 1st though September 30.

For this shoot, I opted to only use 3 of the 15 colors available, however, feel free to snatch this amazing set up and try out the colors for yourself!

Backdrop by Salacity, Lingerie by Aurora, Sparkles by Cinnamon Cocaine

This shoot wouldn’t have been complete with some Pretty Sparkles by Cinnamon Cocaine. I have to say, this store is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Their auras and poofers are addicting! You can pick up the Pretty Sparkles Aura in the Mainstore.

As always, a huge shout out to my sponsors: Aurora, Cinnamon Cocaine and Salacity. And to you, my readers, for tagging along on this adventure.

  • Mahogany Is Wearing:
    • Hair: Octave by Analog Dog
    • Jewelry: Dallas Collection by EarthStones
    • Lingerie: Katya Set by Aurora @ Whore Couture
    • Shoes: Clarice Pumps by ~i~
    • Sparkles: Pretty Sparkles by Cinnamon Cocaine
  • Lights & Background: Photo Studio Lights & Seamless Photo Background by Salacity

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