One Night Only

“I have no doubt that I could love you forever, the only trouble is you really don’t have the time. You’ve got one night only…”

One Night Only, DreamGirls

Ladies and gentlemen, The Bar at Haven is proud to present, for one night only, the sultry, the seductive, Miss Mahogany Soulstar.

The small room was quiet as the curtain parted, just enough to allow the lithe dancer to step into the spotlight, provocatively dressed in all white that sharply contrasted with the chocolate brown of her skin. The bright stage lights glinted off her shining gold accessories as she raised her arms, her body gracefully preparing to begin her performance.

He stood in the back by the door, not believing what he was saying. How long had it been since she had left home, promising to write as soon as she was settled? How long had he been waiting, remembering her whispered words of adoration and the soft kisses that spoke of how much she loved him? How long had he longed to see her standing in his doorway again. And here she was, on the stage, in a room full of strangers, without a word to him that she was in town. The name was different, but it certainly was her, his girl.

The music started and her body shifted, beginning a gentle undulation, each sway and sweep of the feathered fans telling a different part of her story. He watched, holding his breath, eager to see how much she would reveal, wondering if she would save any of secrets for him.

A spin… a kick… a flicker of the fans; her body seemed to float across the stage. The entire room was entranced by her movements, silent save for the rise and fall of the music. Her body language spoke volumes, saying more than any lyrics ever could. He wanted to hold her body against his, let it tell him all the places she had been. As he watched her, he wondered if it would ever end, if he might get the chance. Even a slight brush of her hand to acknowledge his presence. ‘As soon as it ends,’ he thought, ‘I will see my love again.’ And then suddenly, it was over, and the room erupted into applause.

She held her pose, breasts heaving, body glistening in sweat beneath the heat of the lights. Her eyes were guarded behind the mask, but as the applause swelled from a low rumble to a thunderous roar, a smile formed on her face. The smile he had dreamt about so many times over the last few years. Hidden behind the mask, the makeup and the feathers. ‘Ahhh,’ he thought, ‘there she is, the girl I remember.’

The energy in the room was electric. The applause refused to subside, seeming to grow again with each bow she took, until finally she disappeared behind the curtain. A shout of “ENCORE!” came from somewhere above him, and he knew now was the time for him to make his move. He crept along the back wall, then down along the side, spying his way backstage. As he approached the door, he began applauding boisterously, clapping his hands together furiously, shouting “Bravo! Bravo!” rousting the crowd to another thunderous round of applause. The door he was standing near opened, and as the person in the tuxedo stepped from the door, he very casually slipped inside and shut the door firmly behind him.

Following the dimly lit hallway around the building to the back. He found a door with a simple gold star on it, and he knew that was the door he wanted. He opened it and walked into a web of sheer material. Swinging his arms, he emerged on the other side to a stunned look on his love’s face.


Her eyes lit, her smile widened and she threw herself at him. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight, relishing the feel of her body against his. Closing his eyes, he breathed out a deep sigh, squeezing her until the breath left her body. Pulling back, she smiled at him, “What are you doing here?”

“What are YOU doing here? Why didn’t you tell me you were here? And what is this name? And.. how. I mean.. I don’t understand!”

“I know. “

She pulled away and slowly lowered herself onto a black and gold settee. “I didn’t know if you would still be here. and I’m only here for one night. I didn’t think it would be worth it.”

“I’m not worth it? Not worth a letter? A call? A thought?”

He turned away from her, not wanting her to see the hurt in his eyes caused by her careless words.

“Of course you are!” She pressed her body against his back, wrapping herself around him, wanting to reassure him. “You’re so very worth it. And I’m glad you’re here.”

Couple 10 Pose by Jess Poses

“Then come home with me. You can tell me everything”

“I .. this is my life now Sander. I can’t. I leave in the morning.”

“Just for tonight, then.”

“Just for tonight?”

He nodded. Wanting her more than anything. Willing to do anything.

“One Night Only.”

Vintage Couple Pose by Jess Poses

This story was inspired by the Couple 10 pose by Jess Poses. You can pick it up in their Mainstore. Please see the links listed below.

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