Certain things seem to naturally go together: peanut butter and jelly, tea and toast, pineapple and pizza (Did you just cringe? I know you did! Ha ha ha!)

As far as people go, with the right companion, you become the best version of yourself. When you find the person that encourages and motivates you daily, you find yourself working harder at your goals. When you have the one who supports your dreams, you press harder and soar further. With the right companion holding your hand, you can absolutely take on the world.

For this post, I perfectly paired the Circular Terrace Bench by Exquisite Eye Designs (EED) with the LouAnn Mini and Sandals from Allure Couture. Firelight and Moonlight, Sturdy Wood and flexible plants. Sexy clothing , inviting ambiance, and the right company… Oh the possibilities.

The Circular Terrace Bench by EED features a wooden privacy wall, plants and torches. With 12 single, 6 friends, and 6 couple sits, it is a wonderful addition to your property!

The LouAnn Mini Dress by Allure Couture comes with a pair of sexy sandals (not pictured) and a texture change HUD for both the dress and the shoes. It is available at the Fenix Event for the month of September.

For more information on the items profiled in this post, see the links below. A super huge thank you to my friends at EED and Allure Couture for sponsoring this post. And a huge thank you to you, my readers, for continuing to follow along.


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