Love Song

“For there is in all the world, no greater love than mine…”

Love Song For A Vampire, Annie Lennox
“Come into these arms again, and lay your body down…”

Love has a strange way of finding you when you least expect it. When it does, the mundane becomes the magnificent. Little things like begin to take on new meaning, and become the focus for your world.

“Now the floor of heaven’s lain, with stars of brightest gold…”

You make anniversaries of the strangest things, and look forward to their arrival. You take solace in the knowledge that there is someone whose focus is solely on you. When true love finds you, you grasp it tightly. You cherish it always, and hold onto it. Forever.

“Come into these arms again, and set this spirit free…”

For the lovers of all things spooky, Allure Couture has the most amazing skeleton avatars. Mr. & Mrs. Bones (sold separately) are a new release. Mrs. Bones is an elegant old girl, wearing a jeweled fur hat, matching stole and pearl necklace. She is easily added and removed, just alpha out your body and remove your head. I suggest you save what you are currently wearing as an outfit before changing, for easy recovering of your old look. Mrs. Bones does NOT have eyes, however, I opted to keep my purple peepers in.

Mr. & Mrs. Bones are available in the Allure Couture Mainstore in world.

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