Face to Fae

Simply Shelby Enchanted Crystal Garden and Earth Pixie


The fae ducked her head, then turned to look at her friend, pressing a finger to her lips, shushing him quickly.

“Be quiet, Po, or he will hear.”

“IT might decide to have you for dinner.”

“It’s not an IT, it’s a human. A man.”

Po floated closer, his blank pink face showing no emotion. He had no defining features. No eyes, nor ears, nose or mouth. But Ayana could hear his thoughts as clearly as if he spoke directly to her.

“Gather your crystals and let’s be on our way. This will lead to nothing but trouble.

“I just want to get a little closer. I just want to see.”

“Don’t you da.. Ayana!”

The Forest Fae outfit by Allure Couture.

Ayana crept around the camp, her small feet, covered in the softest leather shoes, barely making a sound. Coming around an old hollow tree, she froze, melding her body back against the ancient bark, willing herself to blend in with the wood. The moon overhead covered half her form with dappled shadows from the trees. She watched, motionless as the man tried to warm himself by the fire.

“He won’t last the night.” She murmured to Po. “I have to help him.”

“You’ll do no such thing!” But Po knew it was no use. Ayana had made up her mind. There was to be no changing it now.

“You should have built the fire here, closer to the old tree. You can huddle inside away from the elements. “

Sherwood Tree, Sherwood Log, and September Camp Fire by Dench Designs.

“Who said that?”

Ayana stepped away from the tree. The moonlight faded , and the light of the fire flickered across her face, causing her eyes to glow. The man stood motionless, his gaze transfixed as he stared openly.

“You’re fae.” he whispered. Not believing that he was finally seeing the mythical creature he had searched for what felt like his entire life.

“I am Ayana,” she answered.

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