The Old Ruins

The Old Ruins by TM Creation

Some years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting friends in Wales, while they were attending the University of Bangor. One night during the trip, we decided that we would go up to the Old Roman Camp to view the sunrise. The Roman Camp was just a wide open field sat atop a hill, where, at some Roman soldiers had camped out in Wales. It was cold and dark, but we bundled up, climbed the hill and settled down, wrapped in blankets to watch the glorious coloring of the sky as the sun came up over the horizon. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

When I saw The Old Ruins by TM Creation, it immediately made me think of that morning. The Old Ruins was an exclusive release for the Swank Event, but is now available in the TM Creation mainstore. It has a Land Impact of just 26, and features roses, torch with or without flames, ivy, rocks, stone floor, wildgrass, blanket. It also features PG and Adult animations, with an 8 minute long Scene Sequence.

Special thanks to my friends at TM Creation for sponsoring this blog. And to you, my readers for following on the journey. Until next time…


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