Dance of the Nutcracker

The classic tale of the Nutcracker, where a wooden doll comes to life to save a young girl from the Mouse King is as frightening as it is fanciful. However, my friends at Never Totally Dead have created an awesome and adorable homage to the tale. The Nutcracker is available during the Winer 2019 Shop & Hop Sales Event. Running from now until January 6th.

Available in multiple sizes, (and also resizable), The Nutcracker comes in two forms (one with a broken leg) and also has a texture hud to change the color of the soldier’s jacket. One word of advice, if you’re going to use different colors, like I did in the photo above, you will need to rez them one at a time and change the color of the jacket, as the HUD changes the colors of ALL Nutcrackers rezzed by you at one time.

If you want to make The Nutcracker by Never Totally Dead a part of your holiday traditions, hurry over and grab it before the Shop & Hop event is through.

Special shout out to {SHY} for the amazing hand ribbons that created the light effect in this photo. They aren’t on her marketplace, but she does have other amazing items. Go take a look!

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