2020: A New Hope

Christmas has come and gone, but the spirit of it still lingers within me. That love and excitement that I felt in the days leading up to Christmas, it’s still there. It’s like being snuggled under a warm blanket on a crisp snowy day. That glowy, sinking feeling that you have when you’re nestled in deep, knowing you don’t have anywhere to go, or anyplace to be other than where you are. This feeling leaves me incredibly hopeful for 2020. And if I’m lucky, I will carry that hope with me throughout the year. Maybe you will as well.

Never Totally Dead Candle Carousel

At the end of 2019, Never Totally Dead supported the Survivors of Suicide (SOS) Christmas Fair. 100% of the sales from this adorable little candle carousel went to support SOS. With 3 a choice of 3 messages: Happy, Hope, or Joy, this is definitely something that you will want to pull out again and again during the holidays. And yes, the propeller at the top spins! I’m not sure if it’s available in the store, but will update the blog post as soon as I find out.

The Winter Birdhouse by EED

If you’re still decorating for the snowy winter that lays ahead of us, The Winter Birdhouse by EED is available in the EED mainstore! This amazing bit of decor features a snow covered birdhouse, with a burgeoning pine tree, pine cones and two too cute birdies feeding beneath it. It will be an absolutely adorable addition to your yard!

Keep your eye out for great things to come in 2020. Not just in my blog, but in your lives as well.


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