Steady Love

“He’s giving me love, so steady. He touches my heart, now I’m ready. He’s touching my soul and my spirit. He’s giving me love, so steady.”

Steady Love, India Arie
Love Candles & Wall Decor by EED

Whether it is Romantic, Affectionate, or Familial, the ability to love, and feel love, is an amazing thing. To find love, true, solid and steady, is almost a miracle. Especially within the realm of SL, where relationships can last a matter of minutes.

By way of things that are steady and amazing, I present for your consideration, the Love Candles and Wall Decor by Exquisite Eye Decor (EED). These two items are available in the EED Main Store for $150L, a 50% discount for the Steals and Deals Weekend Shopping Event, which runs from Friday, January 24th – Sunday January 27th. Simple, sweet, but incredibly effective for creating a loving scene in SL. EED is steady at delivering great items at fantastic prices. Be sure to get over and grab these two before the deal is over.

  • Scene:
    • Love Candles Decor by EED
    • Wall Decor – Heart & Rose by EED
    • Spring Is In The Air Tree by EED
    • Silver Stool by EED
    • House: Hetton Barn Conversion by Apple Fall
    • Grass: Little Branch

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