Office Space

Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary office space, Tuesdays has something for you. Featured at this round of Cosmopolitan, the Rustic Bookshelves come in two sizes,narrow and wide, and have a texture change menu with three options: Dark, Stained and Worn. Each bookshelf has an LI of 2-3, and resizable. This round of Cosmopolitan closes on February 9th.

Also featured above are the Antique Desk and the Ringed Clock and the Ringed Frames, also by Tuesdays. The Antique Desk has a lid that opens and closes (with sound), and while fully resizable, the LI out of the box is 4. The Antique Desk can be found in the Tuesdays Mainstore. The Ringed Frames are part of set of 5 frames, each featuring a rustic metal finish. The Ringed Clock, like the frames, also sports a rustic metal finish. Both items can be found in the Tuesdays Mainstore, and also on The Marketplace.

See Sander’s version of this space here.

  • Scene:
    • Tuesdays
      • Rustic Bookshelves @ Cosmpolitan until 2/9/2020
      • Antique Desk
      • Ringed Clock by Tuesdays
      • Ringed Frames
    • Barley
      • Scandanavia Set (Bench, Rub, Floor Bookstack, Candle Tray, Pillow & Wall Art)

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