“I don’t need what you need, I’m so unbothered by you…”

Unbothered, Omar Apollo

Everyone needs a place to go where they can feel completely unbothered by the outside world. You would think that would be easy in a virtual world, but I often find myself more bothered by what I see online than what I see in my every day life. So I’ve had to learn to use my unavailable or autoresponse, to plop myself in a place where I am comfortable and just be unbothered by the drama that can be SL. (For more on being unbothered, see my post on Self Care.)

When you start decorating your unbothered space, consider shopping at Tuesdays. The Thorn Table Set is their newest release, which is available for this round of Vanity. The set is comprised of 3 tables, (Side Table, Coffee Table and Sofa Table). They come in 2 colors sets, White/Dusk and Wood/Black. They also come with a texture changing hud for the table tops and the metal parts of the tables. All in all, a great set, easily stretched to fit your space, and with the colors available, they match with just about any set. So hurry over to Vanity and pick them up!

  • The Scene:
    • Tuesdays:
      • Thorne Tables Set (Side Tables & Coffee Table) @ Vanity
      • Dressing Screen
      • Twisted Candle Set (Large Candles have been stretched to show detail)
      • Sconce Cages
    • Apple Fall/West Village
      • Lily Leaves Spray
      • Coffee & Muffin
      • Large Raspberry & Almond Macarons
      • Design Books
    • Dust Bunny
      • Rabbit Ear Sponge Cake
      • DIY Rose Tea
    • Hive
      • Hanging Devil’s Ivy Plant
      • Hanging Glass Lights
    • Jian
      • Kitty Collection – Sleeping Kitty
    • ~RD~
      • Senator Sofa
    • Berber Carpet by Mimmi

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