“Above and beyond, fear might be contagious and its scent, sometimes sensual, sometimes mystical or animal, can exude the musty and arcane smell of destiny. “

Erik Pevernagie
Bella Top by B.D.R.

It seems the entire world is in a state of panic. And possibly, rightfully so. No one knows how this COVID-19 pandemic is going to play out. All we can do is try to remain calm, cautious and to be prepared for whatever comes next.

Although things are a bit less hysterical in the virtual haven of Second Life, should you decide to add a little post apocalyptic flair to your roleplay, consider the Bella Cropped Tank Top by B.D.R. The Bella Cropped Tank Top is an in-world gift for Women’s Day. You can grab it at the B.D.R. Mainstore. For a little added pizzazz, you can also grab the Highway to Never Gas Mask, also by B.D.R. You can find it on the Marketplace.

Thanks for reading! Stay safe friends!

  • Mahogany is Wearing:
    • Hair: Dawn by Stealthic
    • Makeup: E-Girl Makeup by Suicidal Unborn
    • Tattoo: Flora Arms Tattoo by Carol G
    • Necklace: Rebel Zodiac Choker by Real Evil
    • Top: Bella Cropped Tank Top by B.D.R.
    • Face Mask: Highway to Never Gas Mask by B.D.R.

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