Tortured Artist

“One more sip for a tortured soul. Your diggin’ my heart in deeper hole…”

TOrtured soul, Chord Overstreet

Tuesdays has done it again with this amazing Tortured Artist set. A new release for this round of Cosmopolitan, The Tortured Artist Set comes with 6 canvases including a blank version. The blank canvas texture is full perm, so you could make your own art if you choose. You should be familiar with a photo editing program to make your own art with the full perm template. The canvas and frame clutter are texture change.

This round of Cosmopolitan runs from March 23th – April 4th.

  • The Breakdown:
    • Canvases & Frames: Tortured Artist Set by Tuesdays @ Cosmopolitan – April 4th, 2020.
    • Artistic Supplies by Vespertine:
      • Aquarell Color Palette
      • Charcoals
      • Crayons
      • Paint brushes
    • My Artistic Clutter by Vespertine
    • Craft Clutter by Tarte
    • Pigeons by Maya’s

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