“… And I’m straining to reach the light on the surface, the light on the other side… When will we finally breathe…”

Breathe, Fleurie

Sometimes you have to get away from the crowd, find a quiet place and just breathe! Walk if you can, run if you have to, but leave everything behind to get the air that you need. When everything seems to be going to shit, remember to just breathe!

Today is the last day that you can grab the Savannah Dress by Blackstone at Vanity! Designed for the Maitreya, Signature – Alice, and Legacy bodies, the Savannah Dress comes in 7 colors. I’m super late with the post, but hurry to Vanity to grab this dress before its gone!

  • Mahogany is Wearing:
    • Hair: Dawn by Stealthic
    • Jewelry: Venice Beach Boho Necklace and Earrings by Maxi Gossamer
    • Rings: Lovers Rings – Gold- by Minimal
    • Dress: Savannah Dress by Blackstone @ Vanity til March 25
    • Shoes: Iris Lace Up Sandals by R.icielli

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