Petting Zoo

I really wanted a picture showcasing some of the amazing little animals that I’ve picked up from Jian over the last few months. But wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to present it. But then Tuesdays came out with this lovely little fence for the Bloom event (which I missed.. ssshhh!), and I knew it was just the item I had been waiting for.

The Old Fence by Tuesdays, is a 6 piece set. Each piece is 2 LI, and it comes with a bonus sign, with 6 interchangeable sign textures. Absolutely adorable. Although this round of Bloom is over, you can keep an eye out for the Old Fence in the Tuesdays Mainstore or on The Marketplace.

  • Scene:
    • Fence: Old Fence by Tuesdays
    • Wood Path: Path of Hope by Goose
    • Wheel: Vintage Pink Peony Wheel Wreath by DaD
    • Hydrangea: Antique Hydrangea Pot by DaD
    • Trees: Bougainvillea.v2{Animated}*Multiflowers by Little Branch
    • Grass: CrispyGrass Animated by Little Branch
    • Baby Goats: Pygmy Goats (Gacha) by Hextraordinary
    • Items by Jian:
      • Highland Cattle Shed
      • Barnyard Buddies Water Trough
      • Highland Cattle – Grazer, Snoozer & Calf – Wanderer
      • Fallow Fawns
      • Chicken Collection
      • Straight Ear Bunny
      • Floppy Ear Bunny
      • Alpaca Collection
      • Duck Family

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