“Should I be wading? Should I be wading for you? Don’t keep me waiting. I will turn blue.”

Wading, Jhene Aiko

We’re all wading in a sea of uncertainty right now. Carefully treading the waters of this pandemic and all that it means for us. It may seem a bit lonely and hopeless, but if you change your view just a little, you’ll see you’re not alone.


The Julia Set by Blackstone consists of the top and panties shown above. Available in a variety of colors, the Julia Set is designed to fit the Maitreya, Legacy and Signature Alice Bodies. You can pick it up at this round of AnyBody until April 30th.

Milo’s Bazar has a new pair of sunglasses available on the Marketplace. The Metal & Plastic Sunglasses comes with all the bells and whistles that Milo’s Bazar is known for: one click positioning, color change, & texture change. Take a peek at the Marketplace Store for more information.

  • Mahogany Is wearing:
    • Earrings: Nerissa Cowrie Shell Earrings by Maxi Gossamer
    • Necklace: Women’s Cowery Beaded Choker by Stone’s Works
    • Rings: Lover’s Rings by Minimal
    • Outfit: Julia Set by Blackstone
    • Tattoo: Sunflower Babe Tattoo by Cinnamon Cocaine

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