Fabric Lights

Tuesdays is offering these amazing fabric lamps at the April round of Fameshed X. The Fabric Lights (Nude), is a single hanging lamp that offers 6 different textures, with light and dark options for the wood base. There is a bonus plain fabric version, with 2 basic fabric choices. Also, as you can see from the photo, the lights work, making the fabric see through.

They also offer the Fabric Lights in a triple hanging light, with 2 wood, 2 metal and 2 cloth options. The Triple Fabric Light is available in the Tuesdays Mainstore, along with the Entry Table and Water Pitcher shown above.

  • The Scene:
    • Fabric Lights (Nude) by Tuesdays @ Fameshed X til May 6
    • Antique Corbels by Tuesdays
    • Entry Table by Tuesdays
    • Water Pitcher by Tuesdays
    • Carter Photo Frame by Fancy Decor
    • Hoya Plant by Dustbunny
    • Pink Caladium Plant by Hive
    • Bernard Boxes by Fancy Decor
    • Lofty Heights Rug by DDD

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