Woosah (wü-sah) : 1. a state of clarity and calmness. 2. something of and/or pertaining to clarity and calmness.

It has been one incredibly long weekend. Jam packed with activity in SL. On Saturday, Sander and I hosted RISE UP – A Concert in Support of Change at the Bar @ Haven. 8.5 hours of nonstop music and spoken word to support the Black Lives Matters cause. Then today, I did my regular Sunday set at Brazen Head, THEN I sang for SL’s 17th Birthday Bash! Whew. This superstar is TIRED!

So if you’re wondering where to find me, I’m relaxing on my Angel Float by Cinnamon Cocaine! They have quite a few floats to choose from, but the Angel Float is a $1L Summer gift! Fun and stylish, you will feel like you are floating on a cloud as you relax in your pool, pond, or on the open water. Head over to the Cinnamon Cocaine Marketplace and check it out!

  • Mahogany is Wearing:
    • Hairbase: Jocelyn Hair by Throned
    • Earrings: Star Earrings by Luova
    • Ring: Lovers Ring by Minimal
    • Bikini: Pool Party Bikini – Wet Version by B.D.R
    • Float: Angel Float by Cinnamon Cocaine

One thought on “Woosaaaahhhh!

  1. You absolutely 100% deserve to relax now love this was a working weekend for sure and you did an outstanding job from start to finish. I always say you’re amazing because you are so this time I have to use caps YOU ARE AMAZING!! I love you ❤️️


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