Walking in Space

“My body is walking in space. My soul is in orbit with God face to face…”

Walking In Space, Hair The Musical

My newest sponsor, Ananas has this amazing head accessory that you’ll absolutely love! The Personal Space helmet comes in four different styles. Each style has a HUD that allows you to stylize your helmet the way you like. There are also props (planets, clouds, asteroids) that rotate around the helmet, depending on the style you choose. Originally released for Cosmopolitan, you can be on the look out for the Personal Space Helmet on the Ananas Marketplace.

  • Mahogany is Wearing:
    • Helmet: Personal Space by Ananas
    • Top: Comet Mermaid by Canimal
    • Pants: Cosmos Mermaid by Canimal
    • Sparks: Soul Spark Aura by Cinnamon Cocaine
    • Scales Tattoo: Sirena Outfit by B.D.R.
  • Glowing Orbs: Great Glowing Balls of Light by Half Deer

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